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Social Media

Chat & Social Media participation terms

By visiting/using/subscribing to the Vatikaki 4x4 Adventure Club's (hereinafter referred to as “Vatikaki“) WhatsApp© or Telegram chat group/s (hereinafter referred to as the “chat facility“ or “chat group/s“) and/or Social Media pages you unequivocally agree to the following

First and foremost all our social media facilities are aimed at family friendly participation and content. Keep this in mind before you post/say anything.

The Vatikaki 4x4 Adventure Club General Terms and Conditions and/or any other Terms & Conditions apply.
For social chats, the WhatsApp© Terms and Conditions for using the WhatsApp service, and/or the Telegram Terms and Conditions for using the Telegram service applies.
The same is relevant to our social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and/or other social -or online pages.
As we chat and socialize about local content, our chat groups and social media is therefore only open to South African 4x4 enthusiasts. Foreigners posting spam will be removed & banned immediately.

Member Communication
  1. TAKE NOTE! No nudity, No pornography, No offensive content of any nature, No racism, No profanity, No discrimination, No personal attacks on people, religion, politics -or organizations.
    Keep it clean !!! This is a family orientated facility.
  2. If you post any item/wording/picture/link etc that looks to be remotely in contrast to the above, you will be banned of the chat facility, social media and the Vatikaki website.
  3. Hate speech, defamation of character and fighting between members will not be tolerated. Any member caught harassing any of the other members will be banned and exposed. Please report any such matters to the Vatikaki Crew directly.
  4. No advertising unless pre-approved by the Vatikaki Crew. Our sponsors pay for their advertising and any participant promoting their own business or service will be removed. This does not apply to 'smalls'/your personal goods but please don't repeat smalls more than twice (2) in one (1) week.
  5. You may not forward the link below to any member/friend or the like as we’d like to control who accesses the chat facility in order to keep those who do not belong there, out.
    We may provide links to other internet web sites.
  • Vatikaki disclaims itself from any and all such links.
  • Vatikaki does not sponsor or edit these sites and these links are provided for the user’s convenience only
  • The inclusion of these links does not imply endorsement by Vatikaki of the site and any use and/or reliance on the site is at the user’s own risk.

  • Alteration to Terms and Conditions
    1. The use of or access to this chat facility and/or our social media constitutes the user’s acceptance of the above terms and conditions.
    2. Vatikaki has the exclusive discretion to alter any of the terms and conditions of this facility at any time, without prior notice to the user.
    3. E&OE
    1. If you feel that you don’t agree with any of the above, you are more than welcome to remove yourself from our community.
    2. You need to be logged in as a verified user to access the link below.
    3. Here’s the chat groups join link and our social media links below or here.

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