Important Vatikaki Notices


Vatikaki 4X4 Adventure Club is a free, member driven, social family 4x4 club which caters for everyone from the experienced 4x4 enthusiast to the novice -and anyone else who has a passion for responsible off-roading, exploring nature -and having great outdoor family fun.

Please familiarise yourself with our clubs' Code of Conduct below and our terms and conditions.

Among the aspirational ethical concepts which our membership Code of Conduct embraces are those of respect, responsibility, fairness, and honesty.

Membership Code of Conduct

The Vatikaki 4X4 Adventure Club membership code of conduct is expected of all members of the club. It applies to all members irrespective of their membership type, the role they fulfill -or the jurisdiction in which they live or work.

  • Respect: Respect is demonstrating a high regard for one’s self, others, and the resources entrusted to them. Those resources may include people, money, reputation, the safety of others and natural or environmental resources. An environment of respect engenders trust, confidence -and performance excellence by fostering mutual cooperation — an environment where diverse perspectives and views are encouraged and valued.
  • Responsibility: Responsibility is taking ownership for the decisions one makes or fails to make, the actions one takes or fails to take -and the consequences that result.
  • Fairness: Fairness is making decisions and acting impartially and objectively. A member’s conduct must be free from competing self-interest, prejudice -and/or favoritism.
  • Honesty: Honesty is understanding the truth and acting in a truthful manner both in one’s communications and in one’s conduct.
As a Vatikaki member, I will:

  • Abide by the rules of Vatikaki 4X4 Adventure Club;
  • Uphold the reputation and good standing of Vatikaki 4X4 Adventure Club;
  • Act with integrity and respect others;
  • Act, support, respect -and abide by the appropriate South African laws;
  • Act in the general interest -and will not use my position to unfairly benefit myself or others;
  • Will not make any statement on behalf of Vatikaki 4X4 Adventure Club or purport to represent Vatikaki 4X4 Adventure Club through any public medium, including digital social media, unless authorized to do so by the crew of Vatikaki 4X4 Adventure Club; and must reject and will not make any offer of bribery or unethical inducement;
  • Conduct all business and/or representaion with Vatikaki 4X4 Adventure Club and its partners/sponsors will professionalism and respect.

We reserve the right to update our Code of Conduct at any time without notice to members.

Remember that we will not tolerate any of the following:

    1. Danger to others (direct/indirect/consequential) - Human safety always FIRST – no compromise.
    2. Your vehicle will be roadworthy -and carry the necessary safety gear.
    3. No brand bashing and/or excessive rudeness to others;
      we may, and do sometimes poke fun at some members and/or vehicle brands; but it is light hearted and not to be taken seriously.

    The following applies to online, chat -and events;

    1. any and all “ego/s” are to be left at home -and may only be collected the following week and/or-
      if you suffer from any “small ‘something’ syndrome” – please go somewhere else as we do not play nice with any egotism and/or egoism
    2. Any and all Vatikaki events are FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENTS and as such:
      • You are also personally responsible and/or liable for any/all actions of any/all passengers/guests in your vehicle/who attend/visit with you.
      • There will be absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for any discrimination, racism, crude language, alcohol and/or any other substance abuse, drunken behaviour and/or any malicious damage/disturbance/threats/personal attacks (both verbally and physically) towards any other attendee/s and/or their property especially in the presence of minors.
      • Any/all attendees will adhere to rules and/or regulations of the venue where our events are held.

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By joining any of the Vatikaki 4X4 Adventure Club - hereinafter referred to a "Vatikaki" (which includes but is not only limited to our members, agents, organizers, sponsors, advertisers, affiliates, associates and/or their families and their agents, organizers, sponsors, advertisers, affiliates, associates and/or their families/children) event/s, social media, live chat and or other gatherings whether virtual or actual you unequivocally agree that you have read, understood and explicitly agree to the Vatikaki Events Terms & Conditions found here


Vatikaki has gone digital with event tickets; which means we issue -and scan bar codes on our event tickets to coordinate and manage attendance, catering and/or gift packs (where applicable) better.

You must take your event ticket/s with you!

Each ticket contains a unique barcode which will be scanned at the event to allow you access/entry -and allocate your meals and/or gift packs (where applicable).

It is YOUR sole responsibility to ensure all the details on your ticket/s are correct prior to the event! No changes/alterations wil be entertained at the event.


Ensure that ALL the details on your ticket is correct. Catering (where applicable) will be done strictly in accordance with the tickets, if you don’t have a ticket you will not be catered for. Only persons presenting a ticket will granted access and/or receive a meal!

Your attendance is strictly subject to the Vatikaki Events Terms & Conditions found here


Please familiarise yourself with the WhatsApp© chat group Terms & Conditions found here.

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