Vatikaki Crew

What started as a family and friends group back in 2010, turned into a big friendship group of 4x4 enthusiasts who loves to go and explore by driving on or creating new roads.
Vatikaki is managed, promoted and driven by a group of volunteers who go out of their way to make this club the best, most enjoyable and most fun family 4x4 group for all our members. We rely solely on our own funds, our sponsors and your donations to keep Vatikaki going. See our events here. Anybody is welcome to share their 4x4 and camping adventure photos and stories on our Facebook group or send them to and we'll post them on our website. Have YOU signed up for THE OPERATORS MANUAL?

Crew Management

aka the Founders
the founders
the members

Reinard Visser

Born and raised in the Western Cape
Vehicle: Which one?
Nickname/Callsign: Pr@nkster
At Vatikaki: He co-founded Vatikaki and is also involved in Events, Marketing and Management. He (apparently) sits quietly in the background and thinks of what sh#t he can cause next!
Did you know? Strangers think I’m quiet. Friends think I’m outgoing. My best friends think I’m insane!
Reinard is married to Mariska
By day he sorts out his bosses personal issues at a construction plant. He's also the owner of Africa Offroad He says: "I’m only pretending to be me!"

Dries du Toit

Born and raised in GroblersdalED: where nothing happens every 20 minutes and lasts for 30 minutes
Vehicle: Toyota Hilux D4D DC 4x4 Auto known as "#Hooligan85"
Nickname/Callsign: Hooligan/#WiesDries
At Vatikaki: He co-founded Vatikaki and is also involved in Sponsorship, Branding, Fundraising and Management.
Mainly handling and securing of all sponsors. Oh and I'm Reinard's loudspeaker
Did you know? I used to drive a few Ford's in my days. Ssshhhhhh
Not much to say! I'm a very quiet and sophisticated young man. Very reserved and soft... ED. yeah right...Just believe everything you just read... Kapish!
Day job: I can tell you, but I will have to kill you!

Mariska Visser

Born and raised in Pretoria
I am an off road princess that likes to get a little dirty. I'm also a mother of 4, actually 5 but I don't think my husband will be happy if I classify him as a child. I love camping, socialising around the fire and cooking. Die boeremeisie vatikaki
Vehicle: Landrover Disco 2 en Landcruiser 80 series as ek in die duine ry.
Nickname/Callsign: Mev. Klas Kaptein, Kamp Moeder en word deur my man; Moana genoem
At Vatikaki: She co-founded Vatikaki and is also involved in Charity, Finance, Branding and Management. Sy doen alles en nog meer.
O ja, en sy werk op die mans se senuwees.
Did you know? She's actually a beauty therapist and very afraid of driving on a mountain pass.
Mariska is married to Reinard and has 4 kids.
By day she sell 4x4 accessories and parts at Africa Offroad

Crew members

Terence Smeda

Born and raised in Durban
He enjoys being outdoors, around friends with a fire burning and a braaibroodjie.
Vehicle: Whichever one is closest to the gate.
Nickname/Callsign: Ted - "my cousins battled to say my name when they were young. Kind of just stuck after my mates heard it."
At Vatikaki: Terence is involved in Fundraising and Sponsorship and apparently also "what ever I’m told!"
Did you know? He has a Disco 1 that never drivesED. what's new?
Terence is in a relationship with Monique
By day he is a Production Manager at Minus 40.

Segal Rieger

Born and raised in Pretoria, Segal loves camping fishing water sports and 4x4.
Vehicle: Ford Ranger
Nickname/Callsign: Seegs
At Vatikaki: Segal is involved in Sponsorship, Events planning and Setup. He also seldom answers his messages but fixes our cars.
Did you know? He has owned more than 70 cars to date!
By day he is the business owner responsible for management at Eikestad Fitment Center.

Retief Nel

Born and raised in Riversdal - Retief grew up in the Western Cape, mainly the Overberg. He says he's still getting use to the city life in Durbanville.
His motto: "Work hard, play hard"
Vehicle: Toyota 'Surf' - Not yet running but hopefully not too long before everyone sees it in action.ED: we don't know what the "surf" stands for, but we're not asking questions either
Nickname/Callsign: Bonzai - I am too short to bump my head, and 'am always laughing because the grass kielie me under my arms, lol. "Klein mannetjies sindroom, want ek hou van groot bakkies en Boerboele"
At Vatikaki: Retief is involved in Fundraising and Charity. He also helps with everything that needs to be done.
Did you know? He paid a translator to write this and says that English is for self defense only
By day he is a sales manager in the Agriculture sector. Marketing feed -and animal health products.
He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with friends around the fire.
We almost forgot... he says "Ek maak die pot!" I also enjoy eating the braaibroodjies that Terence makes, sometimes...
Retief is married to Vanessa and has one son Diaan, who's 15 months old. They also have 2 Jack Russels but that is actually his wife's dogs. Retief got them as a package deal.

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