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About us

About Vatikaki

Vatikaki 4X4 Adventure Club aka Vatikaki is a free, non profit, member driven, social, family orientated, 4x4 club which caters for everyone from the experienced 4x4 enthusiast to the novice -and anyone else who has a passion for responsible off-roading, exploring nature -and having great outdoor family fun.
We abide by a Code of Conduct endorsed by the Crew and members of the club.

What started as a family and friends Facebook group back in 2010, quickly turned into a big friendship group of 4x4 enthusiasts who love to go and explore and drive or even create (responsibly) new roads.
We always try to assist the less fortunate and our bigger events are mostly in favour of non-profitable/charitable institutions. We believe in giving back to our community by for instance assisting with fundraising for farm schools or disabled parties, hosting events such as taking orphaned kids -and frail and forgotten old people, who would otherwise never have the opportunity- out on adventurous day trips -and as a non-profit club; standing together in supporting what we believe are true, just and honourable causes.
We always strive to make Vatikaki better but unfortunately, we as Crew members can only do so much with what finances are at our disposal. We rely on our members support and kind donations and support.
You can help us grow Vatikaki by donating to our cause and making it possible for us to continue our good work in our community.
We also support CSI initiatives which can be found here.

Anybody is welcome to join and share their 4x4 and camping adventure photos with us. Tell YOUR story and share your photos. We'd love to hear and learn from your experiences.

Why not join us today!
We love to do group outings and go to places never travelled by other vehicles.

We love nature and what she has to offer!

Meet the crew, see our events or help us grow by purchasing our very unique Vatikaki merchandise. You can also get social, chat with us drop us a line or join THE OPERATORS MANUAL - we would love to hear from you and share our insights with YOU!

Help us grow Vatikaki by donating to our cause.

VATIKAKI - Never Give Up!